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Date: March 26, 2012

Guest Speaker: Elfrena Foord, Statewide Co-Chair of the California Plan Your Giving Project



Summary: Elfrena Foord is the statewide co-chair of the California Plan Your Giving Project.  Its purpose is to to encourage Californians to include charities in their estate plans.  The project is currently working with non-profits on “The 3 Easy Steps to Increase Planned Gift Donors” and with attorneys on a tool to make conversations more effective about including charities in their estate plans.

Important Points:


  • This project is a broad-based approach that is meant to be appropriate for all sizes of estate gifts.
  • The project focuses on three targeted leverage points to increase planned giving: non-profits, the advisor community, and they have also developed a community based approach.
  • They have developed a conversation template that takes a survey approach to determine whether or not it is appropriate to approach a donor/client about the possibility of making an estate gift (please see handout).

Reading Recommendation: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath

Purposeful Quote: I feel that each of us owes something back to our communities, a kind of “civic rent.” – William T. Wolf