PPI and Finology, 2.0: Money, Reciprocity, and the Human Experience. Let’s Explore!

Natalie Wagner Willis and Jacob Wagner use meditation and story to take an intimate dive into our own interior money lives including how money touches every nuance of our lives and is the bedrock of every human interaction. They talk about why Finology is imperative in the context of Purposeful Planning, and unite the PPI world and the What is Finology? Project in pursuit to improve lives through the exploration of money, reciprocity and the human experience.

2021-04-15T12:04:09-05:00November 3rd, 2020|Intersections|

A Mindfulness & Values-Based Coaching Approach

This presentation provides an overview of Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, which is based on empirically supported therapy modality called Acceptance and Commitment THerapy (ACT). THis approach integrates mindfulness processes, values, clarification, and committed action with a deep tradition of behavioral science. The ACT framework provides coaches with a clear, accessible model for targeting the processes of change that your clients most care about. Participants will learn experiential exercises that promote mindfulness and values-based action.

2021-04-15T12:04:54-05:00October 20th, 2020|Intersections, Leadership, Coaching & Growth|
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