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Welcome to The Purposeful Trusts and Legacies Mastery Program

The course you are starting was inspired by an experience I had with a client - I’ll call her Miranda. You will learn more about Miranda and how she inspired my belief that there was a different and better way to develop trusts. You may have had similar experiences that propelled you to seek out the Purposeful Trusts and Legacies Mastery Program.

This program is designed as a self-paced course that allows you to move through each module in about an hour. Each module has videos, sample documents, and Trustwork assignments.

What is Mastery all about? It's about developing:

  • New Mindset
  • New Vocabulary
  • New Toolsets
  • New System

The Purposeful Trusts and Legacies Mastery Program is built around The Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts and Legacies, which will assist you in implementing a purposeful estate planning process.

John A. Warwick
Founder, The Purposeful Planning Institute and Family Wealth Transitions & Solutions

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