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Self-Publishing Options for Your Practice

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Guest Speakers: Dave Goetz, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and President of CZ Strategy & Melissa Parks, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and Managing Director of Social Media at CZ Strategy

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description:  Self-publishing used to be a dirty word. The thought was that if you self-published, your ideas and writing weren’t blue-chip – good enough for a traditional publisher.  

But times have changed. The majority of books, curricula, and other forms of writing, such as monographs, are self-published. Leaders self-publish for a variety of reasons, including speed-to-market, control over rights, and creative control.

And the products are just as well-written and well-designed as anything that is traditionally published. While many leaders dream of being traditionally published, they might actually have more to gain by self-publishing their ideas.

Join Dave and Melissa of Journey Sixty6, an online coaching and learning community for writers, on everything you need to know about self-publishing your ideas, including:

– What is the difference between traditional publishing, hybrid publishing and self-publishing?

– What do you gain from self-publishing?

– How do you publish a book that looks and sells like a traditionally published book?

– How do I know if my platform is large enough to attract a traditional publisher?

And much more!  Come prepared with your questions and ready discover your next steps in publishing your ideas.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Dave Goetz, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and President of CZ Strategy

Dave Goetz started CZ in 2000, after the company that employed him sent him to the Stanford Publishing Course at Stanford University. He realized, “Hey, I can do this,” and the entrepreneurial journey began. Dave has a high boredom factor, which drives him to stay fresh and relevant.

Dave is a passionate (though third-rate) fly fisher, and he and a buddy publish a regular fly fishing podcast called 2 Guys and a River, which is one of the larger podcasts in the fly fishing universe. Dave has also published several books, including “Death by Suburb” (HarperOne), “Native Tongue: Translating Your Message into the Language of Prospects” (Big Snowy Media), and The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists” (Big Snowy Media).

Dave has four kids and a wife who puts up with his fly fishing. Yay!

If you’re in the room with Melissa, be careful; you might unknowingly share sacred information. That’s because she’s always digging with questions. Her boss says she’s a journalist at her core, a skill she’s developed as she has managed the editorial of CZ’s projects.

Melissa Parks, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and Managing Director of Social Media at CZ Strategy

Melissa oversees CZ’s Content Studio, guiding our clients in the journey to create and publish great ideas. As she grew her Instagram following from zero to 20k, Melissa learned firsthand that most anyone can express an idea, but expressing an idea with a point of view is much rarer. And it is those rare voices that are heard above the noise—and that form a following.

Because Melissa has been on the same journey her clients are on, she is able to help clients lean into their unique point of view, articulate their ideas with clarity, and stay committed to an idea when they feel like giving up.

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January 11

@ 12:00 pm

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