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Courageous Money: Your Adventure Through Money National Park

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Tuesday, April 12th at Noon ET / 11:00am CT (60 minutes)

Guest Speakers: Amy Zehnder, PhD, PCC, CFBA and Cindy Coe, Creators of Courageous Money: Your Adventure Through Money National Park

Description: Join us for a fun and adventurous way to talk about your relationship with money! Identify when and where you learned the value of money and how your money messages shaped your life. In Courageous Money we introduce you to Money National Park, where you will tour various attractions and re-imagine your money stories. Money National Park is designed to help you recall your personal money movie, scene by scene, sharing the stories that shaped your relationship with money. Ultimately, making you more comfortable talking about money with others. We invite you to join us on this adventure!

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Cindy Coe and Amy Zehnder (CCnDoc) are unapologetically eclectic entrepreneurs, podcasters, explorers, coaches, authors, facilitators and digital creators. The “Dynamic Duo’s,” approach to storytelling, life, food, travel, business, money and relationships is only limited by their imaginations, which are unlimited! In addition to their latest book “Courageous Money: Your Adventure Through Money National Park” they recently started an unscripted and uncensored podcast, “CCnDoc Talk” that is getting rave reviews! 

​Now semi-retired and living in the mountains of rural Southern Colorado, these two over 50 influencers have more ideas than time and love creating experiences for others!

​As a corporate road-warrior for 25+ years, Amy (Doc) has helped hundreds of families and individuals enhance their effectiveness. She is known for her compelling vision, creative solutions, and inspiring leadership style. As a wealth psychologist, her work includes organizational development, executive and leadership development, succession planning, and family governance work (shared decision-making). Amy is highly credentialed with her Ph.D., PCC and CFBA. (I/O psychology, Professional Certified Coach, Certified Family Business Advisor). She is a highly sought-after speaker in the wealth psychology space. Amy’s recent retirement from the corporate world frees her up for more adventures and work with a small number of hand-selected clients.

Cindy (CC), now a self-dubbed “Simplification Engineer,” is an award-winning learning and development leader, the CEO of a successful international organizational development firm, a sought-after executive coach, leadership development expert, keynote speaker as well as a popular blogger and the creator of more than one start-up. She is a cancer warrior who at the moment is openly fighting rectal cancer, and seeks to educate and inspire others by sharing her journey.

CCnDoc have authored multiple books and can each be found on LinkedIn, or see all of their adVentures on social media @CCnDoc and at www.CCnDoc.com. As pioneers in the virtual delivery space since 1999, CCnDoc are available to connect for a variety of engaging virtual events.

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April 12

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