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Finology in Motion: Exploring Giving & Receiving© and Somatic Finance®

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Tuesday, May 17th at Noon ET / 11:00am CT (60 minutes)

Guest Speakers: Jen Laun, CFP® and Gayle Colman, CFP®, Master Integral CoachTM

Host: Natalie WagnerWillis, Money-Wellness Coach, Finologist, and PPI Dean of Finology

Description: A few weeks ago, Natalie WagnerWillis, Money-Wellness Coach, Finologist, and PPI Dean of Finology, joined John A for a webinar exploring Finology (the umbrella term for the various aspects of our personal relationships with money, the money forces, and value itself, coined by Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®, original PPI dean of Finology), its roots, its meanings, and its possibilities.

On May 17th, Natalie will be joined by two outstanding and innovative Financial Planners and Finologists, Jen Laun, CFP® and Gayle Colman, CFP®, Master Integral CoachTM. The conversation will bring Finology to life via their work exploring Giving & Receiving© and Somatic Finance®. Natalie believes both are foundational and inspirational to developing Finology as a field that is powerful for Financial Professionals and the public alike as we all work to use money and wealth to help live lives of wellbeing.

This webinar is going to be experiential in nature. Please expect to engage your inner Self & your Body and to actively participate in some practices and exercises.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Jen Laun is passionate about helping people discover and experience true wealth. In other words, she is passionate about helping people discover and experience overall well-being. 

For the last 25 years, Jen has been an intuitive healer, investment manager, and a devoted meditator. In an intentional and playful way, she brings all these unique aspects of herself together, with a strong aspiration, to empower, elevate, and benefit others.  Having this diverse background is particularly valuable in areas like multigenerational philanthropy, legacy planning, and family meetings where the underlying values, intentions, and relationship to money are vital to a healthy and successful process.

As a well-being facilitator, Jen is embodying the most authentic expression of her life’s path by following the guidance of her heart. She is committed to helping others develop a lasting connection to the boundless source of well-being that is innate within each of us.

Jen believes an essential ingredient to making our world a better place is to empower all humans, especially the younger generations, by helping them to uncover, explore, and know their own self-worth and inner wealth.

 Gayle Colman, CFP®, Master Integral CoachTM

Money is never separate from our human experience.

As a coach, writer, co-founder of Colman-Knight Advisory Group, and financial advisor with almost four decades of professional experience, I infuse integral coaching and spiritual embodiment with practical financial savvy to bring Somatic Finance® to life as an entirely new way of understanding our relationship with money, and more importantly, being in relationship with money. Ironic, since I grew up in a home where it was considered rude to speak about money.

Along with certifications as a CFP® and Integral Master Coach®, I count thousands of hours training with the Hendricks Institute: as a Leadership and Transformational Trainer, a Graduate Year with Kathlyn Hendricks, and Certified as a Conscious Relationship Coach, now known as a Big Leap Coach. I am certified as a Teacher in the Gateless Methodology, developed from creative brain science, ancient Zen, and highly effective craft tools to move beyond the conditioned critical mind to creative potential. For over ten years I served in national and state leadership roles for the Financial Planning Association, Inc. and the national CFP Board as a Commissioner for the Ethics Commission.

Studying Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, I engage somatic meditation as a cornerstone to all meditation and life experiences. I am a woman, mother, partner, lover, child, sister, writer, volunteer, prankster, guffaw laugher, nature lover, wanna be gardener, and aspiring integrated human who radiates peace, love and joy.

We are entering new territory that asks us to be fully awake from the inside, to our individual and collective humanity, including in our relationships with money and money structures. My job is to assist individuals in their inside journey so that whatever new structures form, we will all be held and guided by the infinite depth, grace, humility, and care abiding in our heart.

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May 17

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