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Did She Inherit the Calling? The New PPI Dean of Finology

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Guest Speaker:  Natalie Wagner Willis, Finologist, CFRC, The What is Finology? Project & VitalFinancials, PPI Dean of Finology

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description:  After a short meditation to create visceral awareness of money in our personal lives, join our new Dean of Finology, Natalie Wagner Willis to learn, What is Finology? And why is it important to Purposeful Planning?

“We have no course of study or academic traditions addressing the multitudes of issues engaging money and individuals… [yet] money is the bedrock of virtually every human interaction,” R. Wagner, FPing 3.0, p. X & 18.

Coined by Richard (Dick) Wagner, JD, CFP®, Finology is the umbrella term for the various aspects of our personal/interior relationships with money, value, and value exchange. Natalie’s webinar is about why Finology is important and how the What is Finology? Project (founded by Dick and Jake Wagner and now led by Natalie) is exploring, expanding, and evolving this work.

Yes, it’s a family thing! Natalie and Jake say they can’t help it. And if you ever met Dick Wagner, you know thinking and talking about Money and the Human Experience was simply what he did.

Finology and the What is Finology? Project are the brainchild of Dick’s work. However, “This is clearly not a completed project,” and Natalie and Jake have taken it on, R. Wagner, FPing 3.0, p. 17. Perhaps they inherited the calling?

Join us to explore, educate, and evolve our personal relationships with money and value through Finology and the What is Finology? Project!

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Natalie Wagner Willis, CFRCSM, Finologist, & Money-Wellness Coach, and John A. recently joined up to make her the new Dean of Finology with PPI. You could say she inherited the calling.

Natalie is a Finologist (money theorist), philosopher, and Money-Wellness Coach.  She is the founder of VitalFinancials™, which specializes in ​using money meditations and The Money Energy Cycle® to bring visceral awareness and connection to our money lives and help people match their personal cash flow with their authentic Selves and big picture goals. 

She is also ​Project Lead for​ the What is Finology? Project. Founded by the Father of Finology, the original PPI Dean of Finology, and renowned financial theorist, Richard (Dick) Wagner, JD, CFP®, the WiF? Project aims to explore, educate, and evolve our understandings of the profound​ and personal nature of money’s role in our modern lives.

Dick Wagner is both the orientation and guiding light for WiF?, and Natalie (yes, his daughter) boasts that she thinks like him…Come find out what you think 😉

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March 22

@ 12:00 pm

1:00 pm