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Envisioning Legacies in Tumultuous Times

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August 30th at Noon ET / 11:00am CT (60 minutes)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cynthia Selin, Strategy Consultant, Scenaric, Associate Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society & the School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Associate Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Host:  Thomasina Williams, Founder, Sankofa Legacy Advisors

Together we will explore conceptual approaches and practical tools to support families in navigating disruptive change. Long and short term choices are impacted by unpredictable uncertainty and a complex array of external factors that can intervene in the quest to establish enduring legacies. In this session we will learn about the discipline of scenario planning and explore best practices for building up anticipatory capacities that can enable greater resilience and agility in facing alternative futures. 

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Dr. Cynthia Selin investigates and invents methodologies for making sense of change and is intrigued by more theoretical questions about anticipation and imagination. By creating new methods, concepts and platforms for confronting uncertainties, her work – as a social scientist and scenario practitioner— stimulates improved strategic capacities and foresight.

Her research interests and practice pursue questions about how emerging technologies transform business and society. As the speed of change accelerates and more systemic novelty is generated, on what basis can decisions be made? How is radical uncertainty in the context of innovation best managed?

Cynthia develops new tools to help diverse communities, organizations and people prepare for unpredictable futures and better navigate change. Building on more than 20 years’ experience with scenario planning, she works with a diversity of clients to help clarify problems, test strategies, identify new opportunities, and articulate policy options—all the while enhancing their ability to act with foresight.

She has consulted with organizations from around the world, across a wide variety of industries from energy and high technology to legal and financial services and has conducted scenario planning for large companies, utilities, non-profits, laboratories and cities. Her consultancy work is grounded in empirical and theoretical research— Dr. Selin has written over 30 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has edited 2 books and 3 peer-reviewed special issues focused on strategy, foresight, innovation and sustainability.

Dr. Selin holds a BA in American Studies from University of California Santa Cruz, a MA in Science and Technology Studies from Roskilde University (Denmark), and a PhD in Knowledge and Management from Copenhagen Business School’s Institute for Politics, Philosophy and Management.

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August 30

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