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Open the Front Door: A Self-Awareness & Communication Tool

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Guest Speaker: Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, MS, MA, Family Business and Family Wealth Consultant, Founder, Eredita Consulting, PPI Dean of Individual Development

Host: John A Warnick, Esq., Founder of Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: When you don’t feel heard and understood, it’s difficult to resolve conflict — and easy to blame the other person. Did they really seek to understand? While they may well play a role, what about you? How might you do better — transmitting a message that’s clear? Open The Front Door is a mnemonic — a memory aid to help you identify four important parts of your message: Observations, Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires. Once your self-awareness of these components is clear, you can then communicate them to others more clearly. You may also better understand yourself! Come learn this simple yet effective tool to increase self awareness and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with others.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, MS, MA, Family Business and Family Wealth Consultant, Founder, Eredita Consulting, PPI Dean of Individual Development As a CPA and former family wealth planner at a Big 5 accounting firm, Melissa Mitchell-Blitch knows well both the value and limits of financial, estate, and business planning. She was inspired to enter the field of psychology by a desire to help families have healthy relationships with money and each other. As a consultant, Melissa helps families Discover What’s Possible. She guides the process as they navigate together the relational and emotional complexities of business and wealth. A passionate advocate for recovery, Melissa also helps families to be proactive regarding addiction. With bachelor’s degrees in business administration and accounting, and master’s degrees in accounting and psychology, Melissa is uniquely equipped to understand both the technical and qualitative complexities that families of wealth face. Her unique combination of both left-and right-brain skills helps families pursue their “Why” (purpose) and enhances dialogue regarding “What” (objectives) and “How” (methods). Melissa actively collaborates with the family and their advisors to develop action steps and plans that are responsive to the family’s unique values, challenges, needs, and dreams.

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September 21, 2021

@ 12:00 pm

1:00 pm