Optimistic Thinking for Families

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Our response to adversities, big and small, is a key component of resilience, and that response is driven by how we think. There are common patterns in how people think about adversities, and this webinar will help you understand both your own style and that of others. You will also learn how to help others when their style gets in the way of bouncing back from setbacks. Moreover, this same understanding can help you and those around you take advantage of opportunities. Based on decades of research around the world, this webinar will offer concrete actions to improve resilience and build capacity in yourself, your clients, and their families.

Envisioning Legacies in Tumultuous Times

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Together we will explore conceptual approaches and practical tools to support families in navigating disruptive change. Long and short term choices are impacted by unpredictable uncertainty and a complex array of external factors that can intervene in the quest to establish enduring legacies. In this session we will learn about the discipline of scenario planning and explore best practices for building up anticipatory capacities that can enable greater resilience and agility in facing alternative futures.

Sowing the Seeds of Wealth 3.0

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Join us for a discussion facilitated by Dr. Jim Grubman on applying a positive approach to family wealth services in different settings. Ranging from large and mid-financial institutions, to the multi-family office and sole practitioner, the panel will discuss implementation of Wealth 3.0 and the resulting experience. Jim will be joined by Maureen Kelley, Kristen Keffeler and Matt Wesley. This meaningful dialogue will address the challenges, successes and potential pitfalls. They will take a collaborative look at what is working in a horizontal and vertical approach to adoption of this financial services paradigm shift. This year’s Rendezvous experienced the excitement and energy of Wealth 3.0, and the panel explores why it is “going viral.” You will leave this call with tools, ideas, and frameworks that will help you to embrace the change.

Preserving Financial Autonomy: The Role of Cognitive Function

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Financial autonomy, having control over your financial decision and behaviors, is something that many of us take for granted. However, cognitive decline and impairment can reduce or even lead to the loss of our financial autonomy. In this webinar, we will provide a primer on cognitive function and how it impacts financial autonomy, and how you can be both protective and proactive about preserving your and your clients’ financial autonomy.

Support for Families Experiencing Conflict

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

In this session, we’ll use the ever-present Invest::Harvest polarity to explore two types of interpersonal conflict: Task Conflict and Relationship Conflict as described in Adam Grant’s book Think Again. Then we will walk through options for supporting families who are avoiding conflict and those who are experiencing conflict, whether task conflict, relationship conflict, or both.

Now What? Finding Meaning After You Cash Out

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

What do you do when work is no longer about money? Having spent decades laser-focused on building a business, the newly-“liberated” find themselves adrift and searching for their identity. In their new reality, they struggle to answer not only “What do you do?” but the more important, underlying question: “Who am I?”. Paul Ollinger offers empathy, encouragement, and practical steps to move forward and begin this second act. He shares hilarious anecdotes of his own bewilderment after retiring from Facebook at 42 years-old and how he then launched a career as a stand-up comedian.

Developing Leadership in the Rising Generations

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Professionals spend a lot of time talking about developing family decision-making, family governance, and educating the rising generations. But, without the successful transfer of leadership from generation to generation, those things won’t be effectively implemented.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Membership + Virtual Tour of the PPI Website

John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Whether you are a new member or a long-time member of the PPI community, we invite you to join us for a webinar dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your membership.  In addition to reviewing the resources available to members on the website, we will offer an overview of membership benefits, and we'll leave plenty of time to answer any questions you may have. 

Happy Together: Using Positive Psychology to Build Stronger Relationships

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Positive psychology research indicates that one of the most important factors in human flourishing is building close relationships with others. Enjoying strong bonds with family members, romantic partners, friends, and co-workers is critical for thriving. Yet we all too often assume that these bonds will stay strong automatically and then are surprised if they begin to fray. A better approach is to nurture and care for our relationships by learning skills and developing habits that can keep them strong. Working at our relationships like we work out our bodies at the gym can build relational muscle and flexibility—and the science of positive psychology can help us do so effectively.

NEW! What Everyone Needs to Know About Purposeful Planning But is Afraid to Ask

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Join us for a conversation with PPI's founder, John A. Warnick, about a "dirty" three letter acronym, PPG.  John A will stress the importance of the work we do in serving clients and what it takes to become a truly Purposeful Planner.  He'll share insights and applications from the world of positive psychology which can elevate not only our well-being and happiness but prove to be pathways to sustainable and positive plans for our clients.