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Date: February 28, 2011

Guest Speaker: Jason Franklin

Summary:  Jason Franklin is the Executive Director of Bolder Giving, the non-profit founded by Anne and Christopher Ellinger that encourages and supports donors to “Give More, Risk More, Inspire More”.  Jason joined us to talk about “Outrageous Generosity: A Growing Trend of Giving Big”.  The work of Bolder Giving inspired The Giving Pledge, which encourages philanthropists to give up to ½ of their wealth, during their lifetime or upon their death, to charitable organizations.  Jason discussed the ways in which Bolder Giving inspires philanthropists to boldly expand their charitable vision.  These inspiring stories, which are available on their website ( can be used by fundraising professionals and advisors to help inspire their donors/clients to become bolder in their giving.     

Important Points:

  • The six motivating factors for giving include: the view of the fairness of one’s wealth in comparison with others, faith based reasons, a desire to make a larger impact, a deep passion for a cause, the sense of satisfaction that one receives from giving, and seeking personal simplicity. 
  • The six keys to bolder giving are: life-changing experiences, confidence that the donor has enough fund for their own needs, developing a connection to the needs of an organization, an invitation to give boldly, being influenced by inspiring role models, and having ongoing support for their philanthropic goals.   

Book Recommendation(s):
We Gave Away a Fortune by Christopher & Anne Ellinger (formerly Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian)
The Power of Half – by Kevin & Hannah Salwen
Outrageous Generosity: Inspiration & Advice on Giving Boldly by Jason Franklin with Christopher & Anne Ellinger – forthcoming in Fall 2011

Purposeful Quote: “The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth that you have given away.” – Marcus Aurelius Meditations. 167 AD