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Guest Speakers: Noam Zion, Sr. Research Fellow and Educator at the Shalom Hartman Institute & Philippe J. Weil TEP, Author and Founding Principal of P.J.Weil Ltd.

Host: Jamie Traeger-Muney, Ph.D., Founding Principal of Wealth Legacy Group

Description: In this session, we will learn 10 ways to help define and convey one’s own family identity to our heirs.

Handout: View here!

Key Points: 

  • Motivation
    1. Deathbed Blessings
    2. Parental responsibility 
    3. Multi-generational Project of Tikkun Olam
  • Parental Self-criticism: Confession, Asking for and Granting Forgiveness
  • Finding a Successor: who will take are of those I leave behind? 
  • Taking the burden of Planning the Appropriate Farewell of the backs of the children 

Purposeful Quote: "Don't judge another until you have stood in his place" - Hilel, Pirkei Avot, (2nd century CE)

Book Recommendations:

Ethical Wills & How to Prepare Them: A Guide to Sharing Your Values from Generation to Generation by Rabbi Jack Riemer, Dr. Nathaniel Stampfer, Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

Social Impact in Hundred-Year Family Business: How Family Values Drive Sustainability Through Philanthropy, Impact Investing and CSR by Dennis Jaffe, Isabelle Lescent-Giles, Jamie Traeger-Muney