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Date: September 25, 2015

Carter Center LogoWe are honored to announce that John A. Warnick, Esq. has been appointed to The Carter Center’s Planned Giving Advisory Council. 

In response to his nomination to the Advisory Council John A stated “President Carter’s tireless and selfless commitment to generosity and service is an inspiration to all of us.  In particular, the efforts of the Carter Center to transform the world of planned giving excites me greatly.  It reinforces my sense that we are living in a most exciting time, in which more purposeful conversations and processes are emerging and will ultimately replace the old patterns of advice and technical expertise.  The invitation to serve alongside 19 other preeminent thought leaders and influencers in the hope of accelerating meaningful change in the world of planned giving was too good to pass up.” 

The Carter Center’s Planned Giving Advisory Council looks at long-term industry trends and provides a “testing ground” for concept implementation.  To that end, The Carter Center seeks up to 20 experts in various aspects of gift planning from attorneys, financial advisors, and legal academicians, to trust officers and CPAs. Advisory Council members meet twice each year to discuss and analyze the next gift planning paradigm, why that is likely, how will the not-for-profit and the for-profit communities prepare, what should local, state, and federal governments consider, and what recommendations should be forthcoming.

John A. Warnick will be serving on the Advisory Council with a number of other esteemed colleagues, including three members of the Purposeful Planning Institute:  Philip B. Cubeta, Tracy Gary and Barry Nickelsberg, who serves as the Chief Development Officer for Estate & Gift Planning at the Carter Center.  To learn more about John A. Warnick click HERE and to learn more about The Carter Center’s Planned Giving Advisory Council click HERE.