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The purpose of our Mastery Program is to empower you to move from Expert to Master.  From expertise to mastery.

Key Points:

  • The complexity and sterility of our legal documents is a complaint our client’s often have but don’t express to us.

  • A recent survey of HNW clients revealed that at least 9 out of 10 clients don’t feel that their estate plans dealt with what matters most to them. 

  • When our estate planning documents are just the traditional boilerplate it’s very easy for the client’s descendants to think that was the “lawyer’s plan”….that’s not my parent’s/grandparent’s plan.  That’s true even though the dispositive plan is exactly what we discussed with the client.

  • Capturing the Trust Creator’s voice and vision and bringing those into the trust or will is possible without destroying the legal pristineness of the document.

  • Capturing the Trust Creator’s voice, vision, values and life wisdom and integrating that into the documents powerfully transforms our client’s plan.  It’s no longer just another cookie cutter plan full of legalese and boilerplate.  Now it drips meaningfully with warm expressions of legacy and generativity.

  • Beneficiaries develop a genuine emotional attachment to the trust instrument when it speaks to them personally and in the voice of their parent or grandparent.

  • A Trust which speaks in the “first person” resonates much more powerfully with the beneficiaries and can lead to “Tears at the Signing Ceremony” and “Tears at the Reading Ceremony” experiences.

  • The art of capturing the Trust Creator’s voice, vision, values and life wisdom can be greatly facilitated through the use of the exercises the Purposeful Planning Institute has adopted.  

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