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Date: August 29, 2011

Guest Speakers:  Michael & Maggie LaBarbera 

Summary:  Nourish Interactive is a fun, free bi-lingual nutrition education website devoted to empowering families to make healthier choices. In this call founders Michael and Maggie LaBarbera joined us to discuss the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and we discovered how Michael and Maggie are making a positive impact through 

Important Points:

  • The Surgeon General has stated that obesity has reached epidemic proportions.  2/3 of adults are obese or overweight and 1/3 of children are obese or overweight, representing more than 12 million children.  For the first time in history children are projected to live shorter life spans due to the obesity epidemic. 
  • Nourish Interactive’s mission is to offer fun, innovative solutions that empower children and adults to make healthy food choices.
  • They use video games, stories and games to develop positive associations with healthy and nutritious food. 

For more information on Nourish Interactive or to learn how you can become involved, please contact Michael or Maggie through their website at or at or  

Handouts: USA Today Article

Reading Recommendation: Robert Woods Johnson Foundation 2010 Obesity Report

Purposeful Quote:  “Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi