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Guest Speakers: Noam Zion, Sr. Research Fellow and Educator at the Shalom Hartman Institute & Philippe J. Weil TEP, Author and Founding Principal of P.J.Weil Ltd.

Host: Jamie Traeger-Muney, Ph.D., Founding Principal of Wealth Legacy Group

Materials & Resources:  Ethical Wills Handout

Description: In this session, we will think critically about the potential pitfalls of financial and ethical wills and how we might avoid them.

Book Recommendations: Woes of the Rich; Seeing Beyond the Money by Philippe J. Weil

Purposeful Quote: "I have learned that an ethical will can do harm if they come from a desire to control instead of to teach, if it becomes a grudge from the grave, then it can cripple the recipient and destroy his capacity to live a good life." - Rabbi Jack Riemer