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Guest speaker: Natalie Wagner Willis (CFRC), Content Curator and Podcast Host, The What is Finology? Project & Jacob Wagner (CDMP), Lead Curator, Project Manager & Producers, The What is FInology? Project

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Materials/Resources: Conscious Money with Courtney Pullen 

Description: Natalie Wagner Willis and Jacob Wagner use meditation and story to take an intimate dive into our own interior money lives including how money touches every nuance of our lives and is the bedrock of every human interaction. They talk about why Finology is imperative in the context of Purposeful Planning, and unite the PPI world and the What is Finology? Project in pursuit to improve lives through the exploration of money, reciprocity and the human experience. Checkout their podcast here.

Purposeful Quote: "Economies are not machines, and money contains the elements of our souls. We must learn to talk about money with a new language". - Richard Wagner, JD, CFP(R), Financial Planning 3.0 p.234