The Purposeful Planning Resource Center contains white papers, tools, exercises and practice pointers developed by John A. Warnick and the Deans, Fellows, Laureates and members of the Purposeful Planning Institute.  They are intended for use by PPI Members with their own families or clients.  We have recently upgraded the Resource Center and added a new easy to use index that allows members to quickly search for content by category, keyword, or author. Our content is still centered in in six main categories:

  • Purposeful Financial Planning
  • Purposeful Legacies
  • Purposeful Trusts and Gifts
  • Purposeful Philanthropy
  • Purposeful Transitions of Wealth & Enterprise
  • Purposeful Practice Pointers and Skills Building

Many of the resources created by John A. Warnick are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  Feel free to customize, if you feel it necessary, these resources for the uses to which you put them.  But always give attribution to the source from which you’ve drawn the inspiration for your modifications to the tools and resources.  Please be mindful of other copyrights that may exist for other materials provided here.