Members of the Purposeful Planning Institute may now apply to become members of the Successful Transition Planning Institute (STPI) Advisory Network at no charge (a savings of $100). The STPI Advisory Network consists of highly experienced advisers and experts in business, tax, legal and other areas of concern for highly successful business owners, executives and professional partners.

STPI Member Benefits:

  1. Build leads and clients:
    1. This is a public network so that prospects can FIND YOU
    2. STPI uses social media, blogs and newsletters to market to thousands of
      professionals in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand
  2. Spread your brand: Link your blogs, articles, and videos in your profile
  3. Searchable database for US states and Canadian provinces
  4. User maintained, so that you can update the profile on your schedule
  5. Exclusive – only highly experienced experts and advisors are allowed membership
  6. The network is collaborative – members are invited to connect, build referrals, and share knowledge to benefit clients and your practices

About STPI:

STPI’s pioneering programs guide Baby Boomers to create plans for dynamic, new lives so they may confidently leave their business or career. These 10-20-30 years can become the best period of their lives, or what STPI calls The Platinum Years ™.  STPI also trains advisors how to implement their programs within their practices. STPI certifies advisors to become “Transition Planning Consultants”.

To learn more, please send a note to and type “PPI Member Inquiry” in the subject line.