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Finology in Motion: Exploring Giving & Receiving© and Somatic Finance®

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

On May 17th, Natalie Wagner Willis will be joined by two outstanding and innovative Financial Planners and Finologists, Jen Laun, CFP® and Gayle Colman, CFP®, Master Integral Coach. The conversation will bring Finology to life via their work exploring Giving & Receiving and Somatic Finance. Natalie believes both are foundational and inspirational to developing Finology as a field that is powerful for Financial Professionals and the public alike as we all work to use money and wealth to help live lives of wellbeing.

Post-Disaster Financial Transition Planning

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

We all have the potential for needing a new set of tools and resources when disaster disrupts our client’s lives.  Learn about the Financial Transitionist’s model for the immediate response and the long term adjustments that come with debating disruption from natural disasters, wildfire, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. These events ripple through a family’s life for years, sometimes decades. The decisions made and resources used shape the quality of life after a natural disaster.

Anatomy of Awe: An Invitation to Expand Our Mind and Explore Our Boundaries

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Awe is mind expanding. Leading awe researchers describe the emotion as having two components: perceived vastness and then the need to accommodate by amending, revising or enlarging one’s perspective to include what has been perceived. In the webinar we will look closely at these two components and at ways to increase one’s experiences of awe. We also will consider the emotion’s possible drawbacks or negative effects.