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Continuing the Deep Dive into Wealth 3.0: Advanced Tips and Ideas for Implementing the Approach

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Following strong interest and participation at the September 13 webinar on Wealth 3.0, a second interactive discussion was scheduled at audience request to continue the learning about practical applications of the new paradigm. In this webinar, Jim Grubman, Dennis Jaffe, and Kristin Keffeler will update PPI on their latest article (accepted by Trusts & Estates for early 2023), ongoing work on a book about the topic, and the many tips and techniques rapidly spreading about Wealth 3.0.

Unity and The Power of Celebration

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

There is a power in ceremony, ritual and celebration that provides incredible unifying strength to individuals and families. As we approach the end of the Thankmas season, John A. Warnick will share lessons he has learned about how to design positive and meaningful rituals and ceremonies as well as share wisdom around how families he has served or observed use ritual in on-boarding new family members, empowering the launching of rising generation family members and honoring family elders. Here's a request from John A. If you have a family ritual, ceremony or celebration that has stood out as meaningful or positive, please share it with me or bring it to our webinar on Dec. 20th. In the latter case, we look forward to your unwrapping and sharing that experience with the PPI community.