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Helping Caregivers Stay Present in the Workplace

Taylor Conley, Executive Director, The Center For Caregiver Support

Many times Unpaid Family Caregivers try and juggle it all: work, kids, home, and the list goes on.  What many employers don't realize is that the Caregiver role is affecting them while at work.  This presentation will help CEO's and managers uncover if someone is struggling, why and give them tools on how to help them balance and be more "present" while at work.

Purposeful Gifts – How to Help Your Clients Create Positive, Meaningful and Memorable Gifts

John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Our clients are blissfully ignorant of what it takes to create a Purposeful Gift.  They have no idea how simple yet how powerful that opportunity is.  Whether it's a gift to a family member, friend or charity, there are simple but effective steps to creating Purposeful Gifts.  'Tis the season to learn about Purposeful Gifts, to make some Purposeful Gifts yourself, and to open the door to those you serve to the exciting possibilities of Purposeful Gifts. 

Self-Publishing Options for Your Practice

Dave Goetz, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and President of CZ Strategy & Melissa Parks, Co-Founder of Journey Sixty6 and Managing Director of Social Media at CZ Strategy

Self-publishing used to be a dirty word. But times have changed. The majority of books, curricula, and other forms of writing, such as monographs, are self-published. Leaders self-publish for a variety of reasons, including speed-to-market, control over rights, and creative control. And the products are just as well-written and well-designed as anything that is traditionally published. While many leaders dream of being traditionally published, they might actually have more to gain by self-publishing their ideas. Join Dave and Melissa of Journey Sixty6, an online coaching and learning community for writers, on everything you need to know about self-publishing your ideas.