Latest Past Events

The Magic is in the Story

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Long after the battles over family wealth have been negotiated, won, or lost; the stories and lessons from the people involved continue to resonate. This webinar will introduce viewers to the magic that occurs when we write our stories and seek the stories of our ancestors. It will offer practical steps on how to get started to used stories to connect generations.

Finding the Purple in Families: How to Work with Red & Blue to Move Family Clients Toward Their Common Goals

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

Politics and divisiveness are heated in society and the families we serve. Using an active case, this workshop will offer ways to harness elements of family dynamics and history, personality styles, political beliefs, ownership, leadership, and, most essentially, love, to harness the energy necessary to manage strong differences and move toward common goals.

Trusts for Non-Lawyers: How advisors can talk to clients and colleagues about trusts

Dr. Keith Whitaker, President of Wise Counsel Research

We have an alphabet soup of terms used to described trusts -SLAT, QPRT, QTIP, ILIT, IDGT, CLAT, GRAT and so on. And we we have a whole cast of characters - Grantor, Trustee, Special Trustee, Independent Trustee, Trust Protector, Trust Advisor etc. In reality all trusts are built on the same foundation. Join PPI Dean of Fusion, Tim Belber JD AEP for a conversation around trusts and how you can deconstruct them and demystify the benefits.