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Looking Back, Looking Ahead - Embracing the Turn from a Calling to a Profession, James Grubman, PhD

In this 2019 Rendezvous & Fusion keynote, PPI Fellow Jim Grubman PhD, outlines how purposeful wealth counseling (in all its forms) is following the paths that other fields have successfully faced – and embraced – in the transition to professionalism. He asks us to turn our vision toward the next decade of PPI’s growth and development and advocates for rising to the challenges that families, firms, and the marketplace are asking us to meet.

Top Rated Video

Communicating Love & Finding True Wealth

In this interactive session, Marlis Jansen, MA, FBS, & Lindsay Fletcher Hardie, PhD present current research that links love with resilience, then explore the concept of love in professional roles. Love is much more than a second hand emotion or a sweet old fashioned notion - it is critical for optimal client relationships and outcomes.

Top Rated Video

The Power of Purposeful Planning

John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute, shares his thoughts on the power of purposeful planning and how advisors and consultants can build successful practices and create thriving families through promoting best practices for legacy families and families in business.

Reading Recommendations

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

By Marshall B. Rosenberg

The Sale Ready Company

By Josh Patrick

Buy-Sell Agreements: The Last Will & Testament for Your Business

By L. Paul Hood, Jr.