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How to Foster Post Traumatic Growth

Ian McDermott, PPI Dean of Innovation and Learning

While there’s been plenty of talk about PTSD during the COVID pandemic there’s been virtually nothing about Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Indeed, PTG is news to most people. In fact, the idea that personal and societal growth can arise naturally as a direct consequence of grappling with pretty much any kind of trauma has been intensively studied since 1995 and is a well-documented phenomenon. I’d like to share with you the key dimensions of Post Traumatic Growth, how to foster it and how to use this knowledge in our work as trusted advisors.

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead - Embracing the Turn from a Calling to a Profession

James Grubman, PhD

In this 2019 Rendezvous keynote, PPI Fellow Jim Grubman PhD, is our guide to looking back on the development of what is fast becoming a true professional field. He outlines how purposeful wealth counseling (in all its forms) is following the paths that other fields have successfully faced – and embraced – in the transition to professionalism. Based on known models for this transition, he asks us to turn our vision toward the next decade of PPI’s growth and development and advocates for rising to the challenges that families, firms, and the marketplace are asking us to meet.

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Unblocking What’s Waiting for You: Discovering and Overcoming What Holds us Back from Developing New Capabilities

Cathy Carroll, MBA, PCC, Courtney Pullen, M.A.

Human development is riddled with polarities such as candor & diplomacy, achieving & learning, bold & humble, data-driven & intuitive, just to name a few. Due to our innate pole preferences, it requires courage to develop our non-preferenced pole. In this 2020 Rendezvous session, participants choose an underdeveloped capability, then explore emotionally and somatically, what’s blocking our development of this capacity. 

Reading Recommendations

Borrowed From Your Grandchildren: Evolution of 100-Year Family Enterprises 

By Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD

WE Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth

By Jennifer Risher

Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness

By Frederic Laloux and Ken Wilber